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The repercussions of a sex crime accusation are extremely disastrous to a person’s life, livelihood and reputation. Sex crimes is an area of Florida criminal defense that sees many false accusations and finger pointing because of jealousy, revenge, or even a misunderstood comment or action. Because of the sensitive nature of any sex crime, only an attorney who is experienced and aggressive has a chance of finding success in the courtroom.

If you are charged with a felony sex crime in Tampa, Sarasota or the surrounding areas, you will face jail, probation, fines, counseling and more. You may also face registration as a sex offender, which will permanently destroy your reputation, your ability to find work, and where you are able to live and work. Your personal and professional relationships will likely be harmed if you are found guilty of a sex crime.

A felony sex crime is a criminal offense related to sex or sexual acts that carries a punishment of at least one year in state prison. Some felony sex offenses include:

Felony Sex Crimes and Their Defense

Sex crime accusations and charges are often based upon a person’s word. A person should not be found guilty just because of a supposed victim’s recollection of events. Unfortunately, this can occur when an incompetent lawyer tries to defend a sex crime and cannot get the defendant’s side of the story, and the facts, known to the judge and jury. At Finebloom & Haenel, our team of criminal defense attorneys is not fazed by the nature of the sex crime you may be accused of. Our lawyers and staff understand what it takes to prove your factual innocence or to prove instances where your rights were violated – thus leading to lessened or alternative sentencing and dismissed cases.

Have you been accused of a sex crime in Tampa or Sarasota? Contact our attorneys today.

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