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Assault and battery are often grouped together in a criminal charge in Florida cases, and these are typically charged as a felony offense with a minimum sentence of 1 year in a Florida state prison. Actual sentencing will depend upon the injuries caused, the intent of the defendant and the specific circumstances surrounding the event. Aggravated assault and battery may include a sentence of up to 5 or 15 years, depending on the particular case.

With any assault and battery case, emotions and accusations are involved. Particularly if the case includes domestic violence or children, the jury’s opinion of the defendant may be clouded and they may not want to see or hear of the defendant’s actual innocence or why he or she should not be found guilty.

If you make the decision to hire a private Tampa assault and battery lawyer, rather than using a public defender, you can expect to receive a level of service and dedication that will serve to get you the best outcome possible for your case. You will also have the benefit of an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced and who knows what it takes to protect your rights.

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Finebloom & Haenel, P.A. is a Florida criminal defense law firm with locations in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando and Pinellas County (Satellite Office). Our attorneys have experience with felony assault and battery cases and are committed to helping our clients avoid a conviction and harsh sentencing. If you have been accused of assault and battery in Florida, you will need a lawyer who can defend your rights and make sure you are not found guilty of a crime that you did not commit or that is based upon false or exaggerated accusations.

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